Dillon Baxter and DaJohn Harris

The first scrimmage of spring practice. Dillon Baxter is a freshman who, technically, should still be a senior in high school right now. But after waiting most of the weekend for a clip to show up of the 50-yard touchdown run that had cynical beat writers whistling in praise on Saturday and coach Lane Kiffin openly comparing Baxter to Reggie Bush at the former Heisman winner’s best, I’m posting it because it is hee-yah, from two different angles.

Baxter had an impressive 94 yards for the afternoon on nine carries. And in the bigger picture, the one feature the Trojans have sorely lacked since Bush graduated is a consistent home-run, and if Baxter can be that, all the other elements are there to make this a really dangerous, top-10 offense again for the first time since the 2003-05 juggernauts. Again, though: It’s only spring.

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